Regional Abortion Providers

This page lists abortion providers commonly used by Wyoming and eastern Idaho residents. The information provided here is subject to change; it is intended to give you a starting point for your decision-making. Call the clinics for more detailed info. Or contact us at 307-438-9272 (call or text).

Providers generally provide one or both of the following abortion methods:

  • Medication Abortion (a.k.a. the abortion pill): This method of abortion uses medication to end a pregnancy. It is generally available during the first 10-11 weeks of pregnancy (i.e., 10-11 weeks after the first day of your last period).
  • Procedural Abortion: This method of abortion is available in Wyoming up to 23 weeks and 6 days. Depending on where you are in your pregnancy, it may be by vacuum aspiration or dilation and evacuation.

Abortion costs vary by provider and length of pregnancy. In general, later term abortions are more expensive than earlier term abortions, and procedural abortions are more expensive than medication abortions. Abortions involving IV sedation (some procedures) or for individuals who are Rh negative may incur additional charges. Chelsea’s Fund is here to provide financial assistance to those who require it.

If you are a minor, a parent or guardian may need to be notified of your intent to receive an abortion and provide consent. Parental consent is currently required in Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, and Utah. To find out more about the specific requirements of the state where you will have the abortion and that state’s judicial bypass options, contact the clinic where you plan to get your abortion.


Below you will find information about abortion providers in Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Utah, and Idaho. For states outside of Wyoming, the list of providers is not comprehensive; we list only certain providers most relevant to Wyoming residents.

Please Note: We make no recommendations as to which is best for you, but list the ones that are less expensive or closer to Wyoming first. Prices are approximate and may change based on the specifics of your needs.


In Wyoming, parental consent is generally required for patients under age 18. A judge may excuse you from this requirement. Contact clinics or Chelsea’s Fund for more information.

Abortions remain legal in Wyoming pending our ongoing lawsuit. Stay tuned for additional updates.


In Colorado, parental consent or judicial bypass is required for patients under age 18. Planned Parenthood provides a hotline to assist minors in accessing judicial bypass information at 1-866-277-2771. Contact clinics for more information.


In Montana, parental consent is required for patients under age 16. A judge may excuse you from this requirement. Contact clinics for more information.


In Utah, parental consent is required for patients under age 18. A judge may excuse you from this requirement. Contact clinics for more information.

Utah requires participating in a state-directed, in-person counseling session 72 hours before beginning an abortion procedure, often necessitating two trips to the provider. However, you MAY be able to satisfy this requirement with a telehealth (phone) session. Be sure to ask. Those able to access clinics in Wyoming, Colorado, or Montana should consider whether one of those clinics, where no such counseling (and extra trip) is required, is a better option.

Litigation challenging Utah’s abortion ban is ongoing. A preliminary injunction is currently in place preserving the ability to get an abortion. This is a developing situation so please check with the clinics to see if they are open.


Abortion is banned in Idaho except for life of the mother or rape or incest. You can still access abortion in neighboring states. See PlanC has useful information about self-managed abortion. Idaho Abortion Rights, a volunteer collective, is another resource.